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Tyre Anti Theft System

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Tyre Anti Theft System

The TATS system is a customised electronic tyre anti theft solution for horse and trailers. The system detects and can prevent tyre theft in real time whilst trucks are parked at overnight facilities.


The TATS system sends three real time SMS alerts to cell numbers of the client's choosing alerting them of the event taking place; System Armed, System Disarmed, and on the very first attempt of Tyre Tampering and Tyre Removal whether it is a single tyre or multiple tyres being removed simultaneously.

An audible alarm alerts the driver who also have a visual from the safety of his cabin of where the Tyre Tampering or Tyre Removals are taking place. This enables the driver and company to respond according to the company's protocol in this situation.


All events are transmitted to our secure cloud based server in real time. Time and date stamped reports can be generated for the client on any event whether it is for the client's own investigation or for insurance purposes.

Commercial Fleet tyre anti theft system